Brigitte D


Daughter of the light and sun of Provence, Brigitte DHÔ was born in Saint Tropez on September 22, 1958. She grew up with her grandparents in the fishing village that Saint Tropez was at the time. Coming from a family of former sailors, she was immersed from an early age in the sweetness of Provence and its unique language.

She grew up in a small Provençal farmhouse that is a short distance from the well-known artist's Graniers beach. This young girl, who lives just across the alley from the home of renowned painter Paul Signac, becomes enamored with art through play and the joy of creation.

Her godmother, who quickly notices her creativity and spontaneity, nurtures this child's curiosity by introducing her to the richness of art in all its forms while accompanying her father to ceramic workshops. The passion is born in Brigitte, who from then on gives art a central place in her life.

She is convinced in her heart that she has found her path and ardently desires to attend the fine arts courses in Paris. Unfortunately, her parents do not share her aspirations and guide her towards a more traditional education. This turns out to be a failure, as she cannot bring herself to abandon her dream of fully dedicating herself to her art.

At an early age, she works as a ceramic decorator in her father's workshop, where she experiments with her first creations while taking drawing and watercolor classes with the painter Monin in Grimaud. In her younger years, she exhibited her creations in art studios in Paris. From 1984 on, she devotes herself to her art and creates her first sculptures in her studio in Provence. The birth of her daughter Sara in 1984 marked an important milestone, as a new light illuminated her work. From then on, her need to create becomes absolutely necessary for her balance. In 1993, Matthias was born. Her unconditional love for her children becomes an inexhaustible source of inspiration. In the following years, she exhibits in Provence and several other cities in France. In 1998, her encounter with the sculptor Michel Mourier, winner of the Grand Prix de Rome, marked a true turning point in her art: she discovered marble sculpture, and new horizons opened up. Until 2002, she perfected her art while attending technical training such as molding and anatomy with Professor Pierre Cerviotti and the art foundry at the Delta 960 workshop.

Her creativity and imagination then enter a new dimension as she diversifies her sources of inspiration and explores a wide range of techniques, including oil painting, plaster, bronze, and marble. Two key words characterize her work: diligent pursuit of clean lines and simplicity in order to capture the essence of movement that will give life to bronze and marble.

布姬•朵(Brigitte DHÔ),一位渲染於普羅旺斯熱情的陽光女孩。1958年9月22日,出生於法國普羅旺斯省(Provence)的聖特羅佩(Saint Tropez)漁村小鎮。



早期,她在父親的工作室幫忙,擔任陶瓷裝置藝術師,也在那完成了她首次創作的作品。而後,則在格里莫(Grimaud)研習莫南(MONIN)(1)畫家的繪畫與水彩畫課程。初期時,她在巴黎的藝術工作室,展覽自己的藝術創作。從1984年開始,全心投身於藝術,並在普羅旺斯的工作室,展開藝術雕塑的旅程。同年間,也因女兒莎拉(Sara)的出生,與93年兒子馬提亞(Matthias)陸續誕生,為布姬帶來永無止盡的創作靈感。之後的幾年間,她陸續在普羅旺斯,以及全法不同的城市間舉辦展覽。1998年,因與法國「羅馬大獎」(2)的雕塑家米歇爾(Michel MOURIER)(3)的相識,對布姬的藝術創作,有了很大的影響:她展開了大理石創作,以及拓展了更寬廣的視野。直到2002年,她因學習皮耶•薩維堤(Pierre Cerviotti)大師的造模與肌理解剖學技巧,和德爾塔960(Delta 960)(4)藝術鑄造工作室的合作,使得她在與過往相比的藝術風格上,有了很大的轉變。