Pierre Cerviotti


“Close your fleshly eyes and look at your reflection with your spiritual eye first.”


Since the age of 30, Cerviotti, who was born in Mulhouse, France, has worked as a professional sculptor.

However, he began carving stone at the age of 16 and studied drawing at the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts before moving on to Marseille to study photography.

He spends ten years traveling the globe because of his thirst for adventure, new experiences, and far-off places.

At the age of 27, he exhibited his first sculptures and drawings in California.

Blake Ward, a Canadian sculptor he met in 1990, had a significant impact on his career. He started working as a studio assistant for the sculptor and spent five years mastering all the academic methods of modeling, foundry art, casting, marble carving, and ceramics.

After gaining this knowledge, he enrolled as an independent artist at the Maison des Artistes de Paris and started to produce and show his work, first in France and subsequently in Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands.

A gallery in Kyoto dedicated him a solo exhibit in 2004 after he was drawn to the Buddhist ideology during a vacation to Japan.

He committed himself to helping elderly people and youngsters who were struggling in school until 2012 after completing his studies in art therapy in 2009 and 2010.

His decision to relocate to Kaohsiung, where he has been living and working for 10 years, will mark a significant turning point in his career as an artist in 2013.

Some sculptures, drawings, paintings, and "artists' objects" created exclusively during this time are on display in his solo exhibition“ 13-23”.



Pierre Cerviotti於1960年出生於法國米盧斯。

他從30 歲起開始從事專業雕塑工作。然而在16歲那年他接觸石雕,並繼續在斯特拉斯堡的裝飾藝術學校學習繪畫,然後在馬賽學習攝影。


於1990年結識加拿大雕塑家布萊克·沃德 (Blake Ward),對他的職業生涯產生了重大影響。他開始擔任雕塑家的工作室助理,並花了五年時間掌握了造型藝術、鑄造藝術、鑄模技術、大理石雕刻和陶瓷的所有學術方法。

憑藉這段經歷,他以自由藝術家的身份加入了巴黎的Maison des Artistes,首先是在法國,隨後在意大利、西班牙和荷蘭等國進行創作和展覽。