Liliane Danino


Painter and sculptor, inspired by her readings, dance, and the emotions of life. "Art is a language built on vibrations."

Her passion led her to teach artistic techniques and create sets, makeup, and special effects for movies. Since 1980, Liliane has regularly exhibited in numerous countries, including France, Morocco, Israel, the United States, and Canada.

She expands her creative investigations into various forms of expression and travels around the world to stimulate a developing painting.

The characters she encountered and places she visited inspired her vision of a dormant and colorful Orient, reminiscent of the watercolors of early explorers from another time.

Impulses chain together in convulsive gestures.

"I like to get to the essence, not get lost in details that clutter the work and tire it."

Breathing in this paste, touching this color, shaking an alert body, to capture only the moment of a sprint. Guiding the painting from within, seeking to "free oneself from the experience of technique and its accomplishments, in order to surrender to emotion."

Gestures associated with internal agitation retreat her art into a sentimental space. She sometimes tends towards lyrical abstraction. The engaged effects are transcribed into a thickness, that of "the material to give it depth."

Manipulations of textures, stretching of materials, knife work, and spatula work give this pasty consistency a flow and reflux movement: layering, revealing a play of tones due to these still wet successions of layers.

"My gestures are violent, powerful, fast... to go all the way with energy."

The space, depending on the colored variations, evokes various places: a shore with agitated foam, a clearing with autumnal treetops... These colors, applied in a turbulent manner directly onto the canvas, calm down into an evocative image of solitary horizons.

The hands fall to the ground, to the earth. Silence.


莉莉安‧達尼諾( Liliane Danino),一位天賦藝術的畫家和雕塑家。「藝術,是一種無聲,卻足以震撼人心的語言。」她透過文字、舞蹈,和生活上的大小情感,激發靈感而化為藝術。